The lending platform where investors control their returns

The NoBnk Lending Platform allows investors to lend money directly to borrowers, secured by real property, while giving them total control over the rate of return and other aspects of the loan agreement.

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Why join the NoBnk Lending Platform?

The NoBnk Lending Platform can help you optimise your investment portfolio and grow your bottom line.

Control Rate of Return

Set the rate of return you require for your capital and we will match you with the right fit borrowers for you.

Keep 100% of the Return

No 3rd party fees or commissions are deducted.

Fully Secured Lending

All lending is secured by way of First and/or Second mortgage.

You Hold the Mortgage

You become the direct mortgagee of the security.

Returns Paid in Advance

Agreed interest rate will be paid monthly into your bank account.

Use Your Own Solicitor

Complete freedom to continue using your preferred solicitor.

Choose Your Own Deals

You decide which lending opportunities to accept.

You Hold the Mortgage

Extensive Borrower Due Diligence for your peace of mind.

You are the bank

We are here to help not to come in the way.

No pooled funds or managed investment schemes, NoBnk connects your capital directly to borrowers via our platform and using your chosen solicitor. All you need is capital to invest and to decide on the return you are comfortable with receiving, and we will match you with the right fit borrowers. No property or finance expertise required, no 3rd-party funds handling risk.

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You are the Bank

Take back control of your investment returns.

You set your desired investment return, and our platform finds you borrowers comfortable to pay you that rate. We then facilitate the final negotiations, due diligence and engage solicitors to prepare and execute the loan contracts. You remain in total control of the transaction and set expectations and terms with borrowers upfront.

Our Process

How it Works

Getting on board and getting your funds out into the hands of good businesses could not be simpler - we will be there alongside you every step of the way.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest by completing this form.

Review Lending Opportunities

Borrowers seeking loans will be presented to you for review.

Accept/Make an Offer

Accept the opportunity and make a Bid for your desired return (subject to due diligence).

Borrower Acceptance

Borrowers will accept investor bids in order of preference. Investors will be notified of the outcome.

Due Diligence & Valuation

The NoBnk Platform Team will conduct comprehensive due diligence on the borrower and the proposed security and provide an outcome/report to you for approval. The borrower covers this expense.

Legal Documentation

You have the option to either use NoBnk templates or to provide your own. Next we liaise with the borrower to get the agreements executed.

Funds Transfer

You will be requested to transfer the required funds into your Solicitor's trust account, ready for settlement


All settlement disbursements will be made by your solicitor in accordance with the loan contracts and a settlement report provided to you along with the mortgage(s).

Interest Payments Commence

Immediately from settlement, your interest payments/income will commence being paid in advance into your nominated bank account.

Open to Sophisticated and Professional Investors

The NoBnk Lending Platform is open to Sophisticated and Professional Investors. Seek advice from your accountant if unsure.

Who qualifies as a Sophisticated Investor?

You should seek specific advice from your accountant , however below are the general criteria for meeting the definition of a Sophisticated Investor:

  • You have nett realisable assets of at least $2.5 million; OR
  • You have a gross income of $250,000 or more for each of the last two financial years; OR
  • You control a company that meets one of the above conditions.

You will be required to complete and sign one of our Sophisticated Investor forms which includes a declaration by your Accountant.

Who qualifies as a Professional Investor?

Below are the general criteria for meeting the definition of a Professional Investor:

  • I am an Australian Financial Services Licensee; or
  • I am a body regulated by APRA, other than a trustee of any of the following (within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993):
    - I am body registered under the Financial Corporations Act 1974; or
  • I am the trustee of:
    - An approved deposit fund; or
    - A pooled superannuation trust; or
    - A public sector superannuation scheme;
  • Within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and the find, trust or scheme has net assets of at least $10 million; or
  • I have and control at least $10 million (including any amount held by an associate or under a trust that I manage); or
  • I am a listed entity, or a related body corporate of a listed entity; or
  • I am an exempt public authority; or
  • I am a body corporate, or an unincorporated body, that:
    - carries on a business of investment in financial products, interests in land or other investments; and
    - for those purposes, invests funds received (directly or indirectly) following an offer of invitation to the public, within the meaning of section 82, the terms of which provided for the funds subscribed to be invested for those purposes;
    - is a foreign entity that, if established or incorporated in Australia, would be covered by one of the preceding paragraphs.

Join The NoBnk Platform

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