Our Story

How We Started

For too long, it seemed like the most useful and efficient finance services were reserved only for the wealthiest individuals and the companies that looked the most successful on paper, leaving everyone else overlooked, ignored, and unvalued. We felt that this wasn’t fair, and we knew we weren’t the only ones.​

We’d also started to grow frustrated with the limitations of banks. The rules and regulations of many banks felt outdated and impractical to us, favouring those who looked good on paper and overlooking so many other people for a variety of unfair and obtuse reasons. Again, we knew we weren’t the only ones.

Knowing that so many other people felt the same way and were dealing with the same problems, we decided to offer a solution.

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We wanted to provide an alternative to all the banks out there, hence our name NoBnk.

We also wanted to ensure that our clients felt satisfied and comfortable with every stage of the process, so we put a lot of focus on human connections and communication, favouring friendly customer service, transparent fees, easy to understand products, and seamless experiences. In short, we wanted to make finance easier, and we’re working towards that each and every day.

Why customers choose us

There are a lot of banks and finance companies out there. So what makes us special?

Here are a few things we're particularly proud of:


We provide finance purely from private and non-bank lenders. You never have to worry about the regulations and limitations of classic banks.

We Say Yes

We finance individuals and businesses that are rejected or overlooked by banks, giving you access to the financial assistance you need.

Human Touch

We understand behind every business is a real person. We place huge importance on communicating and connecting with our clients.

Competitive Rates

We aim to offer the most competitive rates and the fairest fees in the industry. We're fully transparent about our rates and fees too.


NoBnk is founded by a small group of real business people, just like you. We're not some big corporation with billionaire board members.

Choice & Control

Borrowers also have choice and control over their preferred loan parameters including rate, term and security.

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